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A great Mobile Payments infographic

Katia Hilal

The most important mobile payment infographic. Ever.

The most important mobile payment infographic. Ever. compliments of

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Proximity Payments and the User Experience

Katia Hilal

There is much debate about the different forms of proximity payment technologies and the pro’s & con’s of each.  Typically, the argument is whether the expense of deploying NFC to get the tap-n-go ease is worth it, compared to the ubiquity but clumsiness of less sophisticated technologies. Different situations & cultures will color each opinion. Here’s a trial I recently experienced in Singapore.

Not too long ago,  I received a MMS message promoting a new coffee shop near my office. Being a coffee lover and a bargain hunter, this was a message worth reading before deleting.  The MMS message included 2D BarCode and a promise of a free cup of coffee for giving the new shop a try. So, also being curious about how this form of a proximity payment can work in practicality, I headed to the shop.

The telco operator and the retailer had put together a program that was well rolled out. The shop staff were familiar with the MMS promotion and knew exactly how to perform the payment. My only discomfort with the process came when it was time to hand-over my iPhone to the waitress to pay the bill!  I’m not sure how you would feel, but I have to admit to ‘separation anxiety’.    Those of you who have lost phones before may relate to my moment of angst.  So, I chose to follow the waitress to the back of the shop to observe.  Next to the cash register, a Nokia camera phone was strapped to a special stand to make it easy for the staff to capture the image to confirm the payment.  The staff seemed at ease in handling the payment and certainly for me it was painless…  except for the part about being separated from my mobile phone.

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